Customer Testimonials

  • My HVAC business runs itself using Field One.

    Daniel and his team are very courteous, knowledgeable, and quick to resolve and satisfy my needs. All issues are addressed that day, and all are attended to by their kind and expert technical support department. Further, we are extremely pleased with Field One, and unlike other software companies Field One does not take advantage when problems arise just to make an extra buck.

    My business did a complete 180 degree turn because of the simplicity of Field One. The inventory features alone will save you enough money to pay for itself.
    Raymond Kishk, President
    Interstate Air Conditioning
    New York City
  • FieldOne has significantly improved all aspects of our business and I would certainly recommend this software above any other. The following areas specifically have been the biggest assets to our company:

    Customization: This feature allowed for a smooth transition from our previous software. We currently have several unique processes in place and the fact that we could customize the software to fit our current needs as a company, was extremely helpful. Because of this feature, I always say, "Anything is possible with FieldOne".

    Customer Service & Training: FieldOne customer service has not only been a great help but also a reliable source for information when needed. The FieldOne staff responds to inquiries quickly and takes the time to ensure your issue is addressed. As far as training, the webinars and tutorials online made it easy to access information and get simple explanations on the ins and outs of the program. I have been very satisfied and impressed with FieldOne's level of service provided.

    Endless Capabilities: The features such as GPS, the Customer web portal, routing, reporting, and integration with Quickbooks have definitely increased our efficiency. These capabilities give us the ability to monitor our technicians, add value to our customers through the portal, and see the big picture through reports that enable us to make educated business decisions.

    User Friendly: Easy navigation through the software is another essential benefit. The program functions similar to programs many businesses already use. It's logical, clean, and well-thought out.

    I sincerely could not be happier with my choice to go with the FieldOne software. It is evident that the FieldOne staff stands behind their product 100% and makes every effort to provide a level of service that consistently exceeds our expectations. Their product as well as their staff have proven to be top notch and have truly made a positive difference in our business operations.

    Jenn Angel
    Preferred Property Maintenance
    Orange County, California
  • I embarked on a long investigation to find an enterprise / field service software system to manage our business. We had modified ACT to manage our projects - but it didn't connect to QuickBooks and it also didn't help us schedule. We were seeking one solution with a contact management system, calendar and a link to QuickBooks. I'm happy to say that with FieldOne we finally got so much more! I am frequently finding more applications for the FieldOne system.

    Our company researched about 12 field service systems and narrowed it down to 3. We ultimately decided to go with a larger name-brand company and purchased a license. We spent about a month trying to implement the system and found that it was inflexible and couldn't accommodate the specifics of our business.

    We returned to FieldOne and moved our business. FieldOne lacked one critical piece of functionality that was required for our business - 3rd party payer. We mutually agreed on a reasonable price for its development and FieldOne brought the new functionality into production in half the time forecasted. It was almost 100% right - and the minor changes were quickly taken care of. I was thoroughly impressed with FieldOne's ability to quickly understand our unique business needs and creatively implement them within their existing system. This is a testament to the flexibility of the tool and to the talent of their developers.

    I have found the FieldOne system to be a pleasure to work in. Every couple months, we implement a new module that brings more of our business processes into one system. This month we plan to implement the Stock Inventory segment. Additionally, our staff was able to come up to speed relatively quickly - after some brief instruction, the tool is intuitive.

    If you love data - you will love FieldOne. It is a phenomenally powerful tool for drilling down to get answers, reports, and easily exports to Excel for more detailed analysis.

    Lastly, the FieldOne staff is responsive to our requests and technical needs. There are frequent updates to the system and I have been really happy to see many of our recommendations implemented in those updates. FieldOne listens to their customers and responds to their feedback.

    Thank you FieldOne for a great system that has transformed our business.
    Elizabeth Crandall, President/Owner
    Extended Home Living Services
    Chicago, IL
  • I wanted to take a few minutes to thank the employees of FieldOne for their effort this past year. When we selected the FieldOne program, we knew that it would provide us with all of the tools necessary to run our business with lots of room for growth. Earlier this year we started having a processing problem with our computer system. The employees of FieldOne went above and beyond the call of duty to help us resolve the issue, which turned out to be a hardware problem. I can not thank the team enough for their help, hard work and dedication. Brennan's is looking forward to a long relationship with FieldOne and it's employees.
    Nancy Dempsey, Vice President
    Brennan's Heating & A/C Service
    Woodbridge, VA
  • I would like to take this opportunity to express to you our appreciation for you efforts in installing your FieldOne software. It has provided us with all the benefits that you had explained. You have also been very diligent in responding to any questions we have had, including program changes, updates, etc. Its been a pleasure.
    Jim Foster
    Pioneer Plumbing
    Tucson, Arizona
  • We have used other software in the past and none of the programs I've seen have the estimating, scheduling, and billing power that FieldOne has. From the estimating stage to the final billing, this program tracks all necessary information. We used to spend endless hours on the weekends trying to catch up with our paperwork, and now we are able to track our jobs with ease. FieldOne is easy to navigate, and extremely user friendly. The customizing capabilities of this program have really allowed us to respond to the specific needs of our company and we finally have a contractors program that is proficient and relative to our business.
    John Sousa, President
    Mount Auburn Electric
    Cambridge, MA
  • Migrating to FieldOne has been a very good thing for ComTech. The program is so feature rich we are still discovering the capabilities within it. So far it has given us the ability to track sales and service to a detail we could only dream of before. The ability to merge with Quickbooks is a major plus. New features are constantly being added to enhance an already great product. Sometimes we feel like we have our own in-house software development team at work. I recommend FieldOne to any service organization that needs to manage multiple technicians and workflow in an organized and detailed manner. Cost-wise it is priced very well for the features it provides. We searched for about 2 years before deciding FieldOne was the product for us and couldn't be more pleased with our decision.
    Mike Farlow
    ComTech Network Solutions
    Graham, NC
  • I want to thank your customer support and staff, for helping me setup your program on my company's network computer. FieldOne Systems was my second choice in purchasing a Service Management Software, after several months of frustration with my first choice, costing my company several hundreds of dollars, I have finally found a program that make my companies daily business life easier and more organized. I love your detailed work orders and smooth transitions from QuickBooks 2004. The only regret I have is that FieldOne Systems wasn't my first choice!
    Andrew Nepi, President
    American Elevator Services Inc
    Laguna Niguel, CA
  • ...One of the cleanest (defect free) applications I've dealt with in the past 20 years, and I've worked extensively with Indus' PassPort, MRI's MRO, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and Lawson.
    Marcus Gee, IT Director
    Dive California
  • I am a systems analyst for small to medium businesses and take my customers very seriously. There are many computer people ready to take your place nowadays so I really try to make sure my customers get what they need, not something that makes me the most profit. A very good customer of mine is in the service industry installing and repairing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. They work in both the residential and commercial markets and currently have a dozen trucks on the road at all times. They have grown from a small one man shop to a very active company and currently use QuickBooks to handle the billing, inventory, A/R, A/P and payroll. With a dozen trucks on the road and several service calls per day from each truck you can imagine the amount of paperwork involved. What they wanted was a way to track what they are doing more accurately as well as to eliminate some of the paperwork.

    I researched over 30 packages designed specifically for the service industry and I have to say that some of the more popular ones out there were the worst. Either they had a very clumsy interface and you needed a PHD to understand how they work or they had no ability to do most of the things this customer needed. As a matter of fact, the most expensive software we found that was supposed to be "The Industry Standard" was the most complex and feature poor package of them all.

    After 3 months of downloading and trying out different packages, I received a trial version of FieldOne. I couldn't believe the user interface. It was so intuitive I knew my customer would be able to start using it immediately. Then I started looking at the features and it actually had more features than we currently needed but the owner of the company wants to try them later. I thought OK, this is too good to be true so it has to cost a fortune but I was pleasantly surprised to find it in the middle range of most of the competitors that I had already rejected.

    Then we ordered your package and the mobile version for all the trucks. The surprising thing is the technicians on the trucks actually liked it better than the old fashioned paperwork way and now have NO paperwork to do at all. You heard me right. They actually capture the signatures on the job and it updates the server at the office and an invoice is usually mailed out the next day. We thought the technicians would be the biggest obstacle and they actually like it better than doing the old fashioned paperwork.

    As you know we started implementation and had a lot of questions about features we had never used. That's when I realized the best feature in the FieldOne system is your customer service. Your CS department answered every question asked and responded in a way that impressed us more than the software itself.

    I wanted to take this time to thank you for a superior piece of software. So many companies are just trying to rush something to market nowadays to make money and the research and testing you obviously put into FieldOne shines through brilliantly.
    Jerry Toler
    Computer Ave., Inc.
    Clearfield, Utah
  • You have truly helped us in growing our business to the next step! Thank you for your long hours!
    Julie Jenson
    Jenson Refrigeration
    Murray, Utah
  • FieldOne's comprehensive invoicing has simplified our complex billing system tremendously. In addition, the excellent scheduling feature has allowed us to schedule multiple technicians efficiently, boosting our productivity. Having greatly boosted our productivity, we can surely say FieldOne has been the best investment we have ever made.
    Z Lichtenstein
    Volvies Air, Inc.
    Chester, NY
  • ...Great support and constantly improving software features!
    Eric Gurley
    Cyber Solutions Inc
    Anderson, SC
  • The great thing about FieldOne is that there are so many features behind the scenes that enable me to look at my business from different perspectives and views I could not get before. Everything I need is there. I couldn't get information like this with my old software, and they wouldn't modify it. I truly appreciate and value the flexibility of both the software and the company.
    Jeffrey Kazen
    JB Pest Control
    New York City
  • Field One has been a pivotal point in our business. It has given us the basic foundation on which to create the necessary systems to further become more productive and grow the business. It has greatly increased efficiencies in the office from work order to invoice also the level of information that we are receiving and that the technicians have available from the mobile application is the perfect fit to compliment the services we provide. We are very happy with Field One and the support we have been given. We have had a few issues along the way but nothing that your technicians haven't been able to help us with. We really appreciate the level of support that you have provided us with and believe you guys do a fantastic job. Here at Servco we really do believe in this product and if there is any way we can help your company grow in this part of the world, We would be happy to help.
    James Still, Operations Manager
    New Zealand
  • Just wanted to let you know your free webinars are awesome. THANK YOU!
    Joanne Sieloff, President
    AllClean Professional Services