IT Professionals


The business users have defined their requirements and shared their vision and now it’s your job (once again) to turn that into reality. You’ve experienced enterprise software deployments before. Multi-year development and customization projects. Complex and expensive data integration. Software packages requiring a life-time commitment to professional services organizations. Hosted solutions masquerading as scalable cloud-based systems.

FieldOne Sky gives you proven yet modern technology to meet the challenge of field service in the 21st century. Sky offers the same adaptability as a custom solution, but can be deployed in a fraction of the time. Compared with proprietary software packages, Sky provides faster deployment, simpler and more robust integration with other systems, and on-demand configuration and customization using standard Microsoft technologies. Sky allows for on premise or true cloud deployment, provides multibrowser support, and offers native apps for all major mobile platforms. An open architecture, based on standard Microsoft technology, enables Sky to efficiently share information and services with existing systems.