Dynamics xRM Framework

The FieldOne Sky platform is powered by the Microsoft Dynamics xRM Framework. The framework provides Sky’s open architecture and flexibility, enables Sky’s enterprise-class scalability, and provides the ability to easily customize and personalize Sky for your unique needs. The framework also makes it easy to integrate with your other enterprise applications and systems.

xRM provides a model-driven approach for building a relational line of business apps. Using metadata-based development, the framework simplifies construction of “forms over data”-type apps while providing a set of rich application services (e.g. workflow, duplicate detection). The application’s forms, workflows and data entities are persisted in metadata, are multi-tenant and are portable across on-premises and hosted deployments.

xRM supports a very agile application development and modification process. The key factor is that users are working with a functional application and because of that are able to provide a very high quality of feedback at every stage of development. Business rules are implemented in workflows and are very easy to adjust when business requirements change and these adjustments can typically be made with little or no involvement from IT.