Intelligent field service management requires bidirectional sharing of key information and services from any number of enterprise systems starting with ERP and CRM but generally requiring additional applications - knowledge management, document management, supply chain management, marketing automation, and more. For most organizations, this means a multi-platform, multi-application integration effort requiring significant up-front investment and considerable ongoing costs for modifications as business requirements change.

Sky Simplified Integration (SSI) leverages technology from Scribe Software and Magic Software, leaders in enterprise data integration. It provides a no-coding solution to integrate virtually any application, data source, or Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Consistent adapter model - The core integration design environment can view all applications in the same way, while presenting information that is unique to each application for precise, efficient results.

Open connectivity - The foundation for integrating core business systems with a wide variety of applications and data stores that are unique to each enterprise.

Configurable templates - Reusable integration modules that can be assembled and reassembled for multiple integrations, easily accommodating change with simple reconfigurations.

No custom coding - Our unique integration toolset enables business or data analysts to quickly design and deploy sophisticated integration solutions without tapping IT resources.