Mobile Technology

Centralized Enterprise Management, Security, and Customization

FieldOne Sky was designed with enterprise security in mind. Our central management console provides centralized control of all mobile devices regardless of platform. Fortified with remote access, you can remotely apply enterprise security measures and restrictions, set rules and user rights, select which data can be downloaded to the application, or even wipe-out the data from the application. Sky’s on-demand, no-code customization capability extends to mobile customizations for all platforms which can also be managed through the central console.

No-Code Customization

    • Customizations performed using a point and click interface - no programming skills needed
    • Allows a vast range of the customizations including adding custom entities, designing views, forms, dashboards, and maps
    • Changes designed in the console are reflected on every mobile platform instantly after synchronization

General Security Capabilities

      • No middleware means that the data are not stored anywhere else. Data is transferred directly to the mobile device and stored locally
      • Web services running on the server’s side are supported by the application
      • Authentication uses password access to connect to the CRM server
      • Encryption is based on an application key. Local data is AES256 encrypted
      • SSL can be used to secure the data transfer

Mobile Device Management Tools

      • Index all your mobile devices in one structured list
      • Divide the mobile devices into groups and apply different security rules
      • View details of the device model, running OS and device ID
      • See the currently installed version of Sky app and user of the device
      • See when your employees lastly synchronized the app

Mobile Application Management Tools

      • Lock the application remotely on a single device, or a whole group, in just one click
      • Wipe out the data from the app remotely with the need for synchronization
      • Force full sync of the data during the next synchronization of the app
      • Define session timeouts requiring a login after a defined period of inactivity
      • Check security policy on login
      • Force server connection - requires the device connect in a defined period of time or login will be disabled
      • Force wipe — requires the app to connect to the server during a defined period or all data will be wiped
      • Business hour restriction - allows the user to work with the app only during the pre-set working hours
      • Password validation - locks the app or wipes out the data after a number of incorrect password entry attempts