With point-and-click configurations and customizations, FieldOne makes it easy to fit individual scenarios and specific business requirements. Empowered by a process-oriented user experience and visual designer, organizations can rapidly build a business model and configure business processes for maximum agility.

Sky provides simple web-based tools for configuration of data model, forms, views, reports, workflow & security. Sky can be extended mostly by configuration with custom code in some cases. The balance between configuration and code really depends on the specific customer scenario and requirements, but is not uncommon for customers to achieve 80% or more of their requirements by simple web-based configuration.

  • Point-and-click customizations to “compose” business apps
  • Rapid declarative development
  • Easily customize forms, workflow, templates and reports
  • Self-service for power users
  • Managed solutions for controlled delivery
  • Central mobile development tool
  • Configurable business processes for business analysts or power users