FieldOne: A Different Kind of Software Company

Welcome! Below we present our team's background and philosophy, to give you a better idea about the company that stands proudly behind its offerings. We hope you’ll agree that our “corporate DNA” sets us apart and provides just another reason to join the long list of satisfied FieldOne customers.

Build on Experience: We’ve been improving our software for more than a decade, which gives us two clear advantages: First, we have progressed in our technological know-how and creativity, harnessing the ongoing, exciting advances in software development. We have built, tested, replaced, improved and innovated non-stop with best-of-breed tools in the hands of our talented staff. Second, we have collected tens of thousands of comments, questions, and requests from customers (and would-be customers), eliminating the guesswork about what makes field service thrive. In essence, we have helped the field service industry grow and embrace the technology that drives it.

Develop for Customization: Working with clients around the world has taught us that no two field service businesses are the same. We know that you may have tried-and-true methods and processes that you aren’t eager to toss aside. Our solution is feature-rich, scalable, and flexible, housing all the elements you need to streamline your business and see a rapid ROI; but as important, it’s a system built for customization. Whether it’s role-based screens on a mobile device, a routing system that’s “happy” to have its decisions second-guessed, reports that show only the data you want to see, or customer messaging tools that send friendly, personal updates, FieldOne offers all the options, resources and interfaces you need to make the system your own.

The same goes for system integration. You’ve invested significant time and serious expense in your data systems — ERP, Billing, Reference, Inventory management and more. You may be ready to part with some of these as a general technology upgrade — and we’re pleased to offer features and modules to handle the challenge elegantly. But you may be looking to maintain some — if not most — of these systems. FieldOne is designed to connect seamlessly to these products, and maintain a bi-directional flow of data for optimal results.

Design for Immediate Use: We make the customization process clear, easy and often without requiring much involvement from our Professional Services team or even your IT Department! So while we’re dedicated to providing top-level service from our knowledgeable, accessible support staff when needed, our goal is to offer software that doesn’t require much of their help to run.

Since 2001, we have had the privilege of supporting companies from around the world, in industries including property management, HVAC, medical and diagnostics, IT and technology, mechanical, janitorial, landscaping, contracting, plumbing, electrical, roofing, irrigation and security companies. Our clients share a similar desire to better manage the complex nature of their service organizations, and nearly everyone across the company can benefit from our software - from the owners to the service managers, the warehouse crew to the administrative personnel, and the schedulers and dispatch managers to the technicians in the field.

Read more about our company's journey and philosophy here. For more information or to learn more about the benefits of FieldOne, or how our solutions can help you grow your business, please contact us to schedule a free demo and ROI analysis.