Connectivity, Server & DB Issues

While trying to log into FieldOne on my client computer, I received a socket error message (common after downloading and installing FieldOne onto a client computer or when the dynamic IP on the server changes). How do I fix it?

The socket error means that there is an issue for FieldOne on the client computer to connect to FieldOne on the server computer. The most common reasons are as follows:

1)  Incorrect connection properties. The server address in the client FieldOne
might have the wrong server address. You have to first get the name or IP
address of the server. The preference is to use the name.  The IP address can be dynamic and can change.   In order to make sure your server IP Address/Name is listed correctly on your client computer, hold down the Shift key and double click on the FieldOne shortcut icon. This should pull up your connection properties for FieldOne and you can change your server IP Address/Name information.

2) The firewall might be blocking any of the required ports. On the server machine you should setup the firewall to allow traffic from ports 16000,16001,8098

3) For remote connections,  port forwarding might not be setup. The following ports should be forwarded to the server machine: 16000, 16001, 8098.  (only 16000 and 8098 are actually needed to run FieldOne on the desktop)

I can not log into FieldOne from any of the desktops or from the server. What is the reason?

If you can’t log into FieldOne from any of your computers, including your server, you most likely need to restart your application server. The application server can be restarted by using the FieldOne Server Manager tool. Open up the FieldOne Server Manager and make sure both the application server and the update server are running. If not select Start and you should be able to log in to your database. (On Vista/Windows 7, You may need to sign into Server Manager as the administrator)

On moving the FieldOne program to a new server: What is the best process and what are the specific steps to take?

When moving your FieldOne program to a new server machine, you should first make a backup of your database from your old machine and copy it over to your new server. Then download and install FieldOne on your new server. Upon completion of the install, your new server will ask you to register your license of FieldOne. Make sure to contact support, so we can relocate your license information.  After you have registered you should make sure to check for any updates, and then restore your database.

Here are the step by step instructions

1.  Create backup of current company file using the FieldOne Tools -> Backup option.
2.  Download and install setup on new server
3.  Register using your credentials "" and login id "nnnnn"
4.  Get latest updates on new server using the FieldOne Tools -> Check for Updates option.
5.  Restore backup using the FieldOne Server Manager under the Start Menu - > Program Files - > FieldOne Systems -> FieldOne.   Restore over the existing blank database you created in step 3.
6)  Update the connection properties of all workstations by holding the shift key while launching the FieldOne icon. Each workstation must enter the name or the IP address of the server.

How do I restore a database?
How do I change or determine the address that my client computer is pointing to?

To see the IP address of the server where the client computer is pointing to, you need to hold down the “Shift” key while double clicking on the FieldOne icon on your desktop. This will open up the connection properties window. Ideally you should be using the name of the server as that is more static as the IP address of the server can be dynamic on you local area network.  Enter the correct IP address of the server or the name of your server into the available field.

How do I carry out the backup? If I get an error during the process, how do I fix it?

To back up your database successfully, you can select “Create Backup” from the Tools, on the upper left hand corner of FieldOne. The directory path to the backup file must be accessible to the database server or the backup will fail. We suggest creating a folder on your server directly under your C: drive – C:\FieldOneBackup\Backup.bak.  The user running the backup must have access to the drive that the backup file is going to otherwise there will be an error.

How do I import data information to FieldOne? When I try to import my customers using the custom import feature from the system menu, it does not work at all or only some of my list gets imported. How do I fix this?

from the system tab you can run the Custom Import. There are four types of data you can import. Customers, Vendors, Employees and Parts.  If you are using the custom import feature, first make sure to save you data in either a (CSV., or TXT.) file. When you create your data file, make sure all of the title field names do not include any spacing. (For Example: Company name should be changed to CompanyName not Company Name) Then after selecting Custom Import, choose either (Comma, Semicolon, Tab, Space, Other) to designate how your data is separated. Finally, Map all of the fields in your data list to the destination fields in FieldOne. Make sure you use your customer’s complete name field as the display name – therefore it will be unique and all duplicate last names will not be eliminated from the import. 

It is important to know that if your customers are all located in QuickBooks, then you do not have to use the custom import feature. You can select ‘Import Company Info from QuickBooks’ from the System menu which will import among others your customer list as well.

How do I install the FieldOne desktop onto my client computer?

In order to install the FieldOne client you must first have the FieldOne server installed on your server.  You should also uninstall any version of FieldOne desktop that you may have on the PC.

You can use either one of the following 2 approaches to get the FieldOne client installed.

1.  URL Based Installation

a) Open internet explorer and type go to http://ServerNameOrIP:16001/setup (replace "ServerNameOrIP" with the actual name or IP address of your server computer. See note below)
b) Click Run on the dialog
c) In the Address field of the Connection Properties dialog, enter the above ServerNameOrIP
d) If you’re connecting remotely over the web then check off ‘Use Compression’
e) Click OK

2.   Setup Based Installation  

To use this option you have to make sure that the sever software of FieldOne has the latest updates.
a) Download the setup file from
b) Run the setup and select the Additional Workstation option
c) When prompted to enter the servers ip address you should enter the ServerNameOrIP (see note below)

Note:   ServerNameOrIP: When the client is in the same network as the server then you can use either the server machine name (which is recommended)  or the internal IP address of the server machine.   Keep in mind that the internal IP address of the server can change if it is set up as dynamic.  Static IP would provide stability to the IP address.  Using a server name instead of the IP would also provide for stability. 

If your server is remote and you’re connecting over the web then you can use the public IP address of the server or a DNS solution. If the public IP address is used make sure it is setup as static by the internet provider. Otherwise it can change and impact your ability to access FieldOne.   Before using FieldOne on a remote client computer you must setup your router to forward ports 8098 and 16000 to your server machine. You also must forward port 16001 in order to use the FieldOne mobile application and/or in order to use the above URL based installation to install a client remotely.


How do you restore a backup FieldOne Database?

To restore a backup of a FieldOne database, you must use the Server Manager on the server machine. You can find it in the FieldOne folder of the Windows Start Menu or you can go directly to the ServerManager.exe file which is located in the same folder as your FieldOne server application (usually its under C:\Program Files\FieldOne Systems\FieldOne\). 

This is the pop up menu.

Backup Pop Up 

In the Server Manager go to the “Database Manager” tab. First, browse your computer to find the backup file you would like to restore from. 
Now you have two options.
You can either restore your database over an existing company file or create a new database/file.  If restoring over an existing file you must enter the Admin password for the existing company file to be overwritten. Finally select the “Restore Backup” tab.







How do I set up my FieldOne server and my mobile for mobile usage.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Acquire Mobile license(s) from FieldOne.
2. Setup Port forwarding for port "16001" on your router to be forwarded to your FieldOne server machine.
3. Get the public IP of the server (can be found by searching from the server). If your IP is dynamic you can setup a Dynamic DNS solution that can be used instead.
4. Download and install FieldOne mobile on mobile device.
5. Set up new connection on phone - Connection Name can be anything, Server Name should be the server Public IP address or Dynamic DNS solution name, The Port settings on the mobile device should default and remain at 16001.
6. Select a database - If you can see the list of FieldOne databases, then you have set up everything up to now correctly. If you receive a ‘Cannot find server’ message, then verify the info entered and the router port forwarding again.
7. Log in to FieldOne mobile using your employee log in credentials.

Note: While logging in if you receive an error that says ‘You have already reached your maximum allowed concurrent users‘ then check to see if you currently have more than your allotted license(s) already logged in. You can check who's logged in by going to TOOLS/Show Connected Users from the FieldOne desktop application, and you can disconnect users from there.

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