Inventory & Purchase Orders

How do I remove a part from a Work Order?

You need to remove what you have done initially. Go to the Purchase Order and determine if the item was already billed. If yes, then you need to clear/uncheck items included in the bill, in order to uncheck the items listed as already received.  Once unbilled, you can remove, or zero out the quantity on the items you wish to un-receive. Then, enter a new Receipt and change the Link to info to point it to the correct Work Order/Warehouse, Or if you wish to correct it on the PO then go into PO,  change the destination field to the correct work order number, to stock/warehouse, or eliminate all together. Then re-receive and re-bill as usual.

Note:   you may notice that the part remains listed in the work order it was initially associated with, however, the quantity is stated at “0”, and you might want to uncheck ‘Print On Invoice’ in order for it not to appear on the Invoice.

I have entered cost and sale price information into all of my parts. However, when I add them to a work order the cost and/or sales price is incorrect. How does this happen?

There are several cost fields available within each part. (Standard cost/Current cost/Average cost) The cost which will be displayed on the work order will be determined based on what cost valuation you have set up either as a default, or specifically chosen for each part. If the part is not originating from stock, and is directly added to a Work Order from a PO, than the actual cost of the item from the PO will be displayed. The Sales price is determined by the Part Markup. Make sure your Markups are set up correctly. There are two options available – based on cost or sales.

How can I manually adjust or update my quantity in stock for my parts?

In order to make changes to the quantity in stock of a single part open the Part Detail screen by right clicking on that part on the Parts lookup and choose ‘Edit’ and on the Stock tab you can adjust the stock information.
In order to make changes to the quantity in stock of multiple parts, you need to select the pull down arrow next to the Inventory Icon and choose “Modify Bulk Parts”. This will pull up the Modify parts window and you can choose the part(s) you wish to modify. Only the part(s) with part type of “stock”, will have a separate tab  called stock in the modify parts window. When you select the stock tab, you can edit the field “Qty in Stock” for each warehouse/truck which is listed.

How do I use the UPC code for a part in FieldOne and how can I use a bar code reader to capture that information.

In the part detail pop up screen there is a  field at the bottom of the screen for UPC code. You can enter the UPC from the keyboard or use a bar code reader (keyboard wedge bar code reader) to capture the UPC code.

When you are processing a Work Order, select the Items tab. On the bottom is a pull down arrow for the New Part tab. There you will find a scan option.   You can enter the UPC from the keyboard or use a barcode reader to capture the UPC code. It picks up the part that has that UPC code.      

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