Invoicing & Payments

I have invoiced a customer for a work order and now realize that some of the items I have included on the work order are incorrect. How do I make these adjustments?

In order to make adjustments to the items of a billed work order, you must first clear/void the invoice, which changes the status of the Work order from Billed status to In Progress. Once this has been accomplished, you can make the appropriate adjustments to your items, and create the invoice again. Clearing an invoice will remove all the items from the Invoice and will make the Invoice available for  the next time you are going to create an invoice for this Work Order. Voiding an invoice will leave the invoice as is but will be marked as voided so it should not be reflected in the customers AR, and in such case the invoice cannot be reused.  Note: If a payment has already been applied to the invoice, you will need to un-apply it first before clearing the invoice.

When I create an invoice, it always reflects the date the invoice was created. How can I change the date on an invoice?

You can change the date of an invoice by opening the Invoice screen for that invoice.  The date field can be modified and select OK.

I can’t figure out how to setup 3rd party billing in FieldOne. Please explain.

A new customer must be setup for the 3rd party billing to work.  After the new customer is setup, go to the job site of the service location that you want to link to the new Bill Payer.  Click on “Customer Link”/ then click on “Add Customer Link”/search for the new Bill Payer and click OK.  The new Bill Payer will be added to the list, if applicable.  Check the box to indicate that the new Bill Payer is the “Primary” and click OK.

How does one create a credit memo or refund and export that information to Quick Books

If the invoice was not paid yet there is always the option to void the invoice and modify the Work Order to account for the credit amount.

If the invoice was paid or you prefer to leave the invoice you can do a credit on the invoice from the payment screen that you can access from the invoice. You enter the payment as a positive number and  select  the payment method as credit. The system will automatically check export as credit memo and it will be transferred to Quick Books as a credit memo. The invoice will be reduced by that amount. Keep in mind that when a credit payment is exported as a Credit Memo in QuickBooks the system will not automatically apply it to the related invoice in QuickBooks.

Another method of a refund or credit is to create a negative invoice for that customer. It will not impact the original invoice but will show up as a credit for the customer. I can be exported to QuickBooks as a credit memo on the customer level. In QuickBooks you can apply this credit to any invoice or to issue a refund. To clear the outstanding negative invoice in FieldOne you can issue a negative payment on that invoice that would then balance that invoice and it would no longer show up as outstanding.   

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