Reports and Dataviews

How can I add the logo or change the address on a report?
The standard system Work Order Report does not include labor or part details. How do I modify the report  to include it?

As a default this report is designed not to have these items listed.  In order to have these items displayed you need to build a duplicate report from the original system work order report and add the appropriate sections/fields, or make the appropriate sections/fields visible if they already exist.  Please see this instructional video.

How can I modify the data view screens and save my changes?

The data view screens can be found throughout FieldOne by clicking on any tab  on top of the screen on the list menu.  These views can be sorted, filtered, customized and saved. You can easily make changes to any data view screen by right clicking on any field title and selecting “field chooser”. You can also right click on any field title and select “data view layout” and save the layout for all future viewings of this dataview. 

Click here to see an instructional video that will describe all the options available to you.

How can I save a Dataview modification and how can I share that new Dataview layout.

If you modify a Dataview in any way for example the filter or the layout you have to save it in order for that Dataview to be the default when it is accessed. If you right click on the Dataview ribbon on top, you will get a drop down menu that has an option called Dataview Layout. If you click on that you will be able to Save Layout.  If you want to save as a new name or if you want to share that layout you have to first save to a file and the another user can load that file. That also is available when you select the option Dataview Layout from the menu.  Please see this presentation for more clarification.

Sharing Dataview Layouts with other Users

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