Terra Intro Videos

Browse our webinar archives to learn more about the features available to you with FieldOne Terra. Each webinar was recorded during a live session and may include brief question and answer breaks with participants. The Training Center also features advanced Tutorial Videos, in case you need a bit more information after seeing the webinar.

If you don't have GoToMeeting installed, you'll need to install the GoToMeeting video codec to view the video.

Getting Started

FieldOne FAST START -- FieldOne work flow life-cycle
New Employees [3:34] -- How to create a new employee
Employee Details: Security Settings -- Managing employee Security Settings
Employee screen [17:05] (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- Understand how to create and administer all employee information, including multiple billing rates for individual employees.
New Report Builder Update -- Introduction to our new Reporting Engine for both Dataview and Print Reports.
Customer Web Portal -- Review the features and benefits of our Customer Web Portal
New Customer & Customer Fields Explanation [10:45] -- How to create a new customer
Template Builder -- How to modify inventory and work order templates, plus an overview of the new tools built into the Template Builder.
Getting Started with Service Calls -- Receiving the call, placing it on the Schedule Board, managing it, closing it out, posting (including adding in $ amounts for labor and materials), and invoicing.
Service Call Workflow [50:09] (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- Shows entire workflow for a Service Call, from the initial client call through the recording, scheduling, posting, invoicing and payments associated with a service call.
Office Manager -- Various features of the Office Manager tabs and ideas to help you be more productive.
Service Call Details (Advanced) -- Markups, service call types, labor codes, labor rates. Before listening to this training session, please watch the service call 50,000-foot overview.


Inventory Management -- How to manage your inventory, dealing with low inventory and re-stocking.
Importing parts data from Excel and setting up your parts -- Learn to import a list of parts that you have saved in Excel (or a *.CSV file) and then set up the parts.
Processing Parts [15:01] (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- Shows how to process parts that were recorded in the Estimates or Purchase Requisitions section.
Line Groups [3:59] -- A feature for combining several hidden detail lines in the inventory or work order forms for printouts.
Equipment Management [4:46] -- Track equipment history and availability information for future work orders.


QuickBooks 101 -- Basics of how FieldOne interacts with QB and how to import your QB data.
Tax Codes and Tax Groups (Advanced Tutorial Video)
Fidelity Payment Services integration (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- How to process a payment in Fieldone. When the credit card information is put in the appropriate field, the payment is processed since Fidelity is linked to Fieldone.
Fidelity & FieldOne integration -- How to sign up with Fidelity and link with FieldOne. Also includes the email from Fidelity when approved for services, and how to enter the source key.
Group Invoice
Overtime Enhancements [3:08] -- The ability to provide different labor rates for overtime, weekends, and holiday hours,
Third Party Billing [5:08] -- For times when you bill a different entity not linked to the job site.

Estimates and Purchase Orders

Project Estimates -- Learn to create detailed estimates for your customers and turn them into "live" jobs. Before listening to this session, please make sure you have input at least some of your customers and employees.
Purchase Order Work Flow --  (Webinar) The steps involved in Purchase Order Work Flow
Purchase Order workflow [24:17] (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- Shows everything involved with Purchase Orders, including creating Purchase Orders, PO Receipts, and PO Bills. A companion tutorial to the "Process Parts" tutorial (below).
Flat Rate Pricing / Part Kits -- Flat Rate pricing in FieldOne and learning about Part Kits (the grouping of parts and labor to be automatically added together)
Job Costing (Labor and material) -- This is an advanced session. If you are a new user, please watch the service call 50,000 foot overview webinar or the service call video before listening to this training session.
Purchase Orders and PO Quotes
Purchase Order Quotes
[14:25] (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- See how to create Purchase Order Quotes, maintain them, and process them.
Revisions [3:31] -- Learn how to track changes that occur to an estimate.
Vendor Alert Messages [2:45]


Time of Service Contracts -- How you to manage your Service Contracts/Agreements, if you bill at time of service.
Service Agreements (Time of Service) -- Creating Service Agreements that have Time of Service based Work Orders.
Automatic Billing Contracts
Creating and Managing Service Contracts with Automatic Billing (Part 1) How to manage your Service Contracts/Agreements with a recurring schedule.
Creating and Managing Service Contracts with Automatic Billing (Part 2)
Email Service Agreement Invoice [5:14]

Scheduling & Work Orders

Schedule Board [32:25] (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- How to schedule a call, and all actions associated with the Schedule Board.
Follow-up Required [7:06] -- Handling schedules that require follow-ups
Record Log/Time Stamps [2:51]
Sub items on a Schedule Board [5:12]
Color-coded scheduling sub-statuses (Advanced Tutorial Video)
Scheduling conflict notifications [3:01] and setting up alerts for Schedule Conflict notification [1:46]
Setting Company Branch Color [3:42]

FieldOne Mobile

FieldOne Terra Mobile Set up and Installation -- This short video is designed to quickly walk you through the process of setting up FieldOne Terra on your mobile device.
FieldOne Terra Mobile Work Flow -- This video will walk you through Terra Mobile work flow from start to finish.

Other Features

Projects/Installations workflow [73:37] (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- Covers the workflow of installation projects, including estimating, job costing, scheduling, purchasing, billing and everything in between. We start with basics and move on to more advanced features.
Purchase Requisition [14:16] (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- How to create and process Purchase Requisitions
Counter Sales screen (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- If you sell Parts/Services over the counter you'd want to watch this tutorial.
FieldOne Reports (Adding a logo) [17:59] (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- How to add a custom logo to FieldOne reports
How to Create a New Company File (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- This 5 minute tutorial will show you how to create a new Company File.
Screen and field customization (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- Screen and field customization to control which fields you see - and in what order - according to your requirements
Newly designed Rich Text word processor (Advanced Tutorial Video) -- Learn about the newly designed Rich Text word processor, with a more familiar interface.
Instant city and state auto-population, according to zip code (Advanced Tutorial Video)
New custom fields in Work Order and Estimate items (Advanced Tutorial Video)
Group By, Filter By [2:56] -- Learn about this feature for grouping and filtering data
SMS Email [3:00] -- Send an SMS to your techs via your email in FieldOne
CRM [6:42] -- Information about setting up the features for notes, attachments and tasks
Geocoding [3:13] -- This features gives you the ability to set map coordinates for any job site, employee, or branch
Assets [2:50] -- This is a tool for tracking internal company assets, such as cars, trucks, ladders, cell phones
Picture in Job site and Web Portal [6:24] -- Adding pictures for a job site and customer portal
Storing Files in the FieldOne Database [5:51] -- Now store files within FieldOne's database
Kits [12:16] -- Save time with Kits
My Tasks [4:28]
Routing Optimization -- How to utilize the FieldOne routing optimization tool.


Solving Technical Problems

Unable to connect to the server? Port Forwarding - When setting up a new installation or if you change your IT environment, move the server or other internal IT related activities you might lose connection to the server from a remote location. This is 99.9% of the time because of the way port forwarding is set up on YOUR internal router or firewall. This is NOT a FieldOne issue, but your internal IT setup. If you do not understand how to do this, please contact your IT support resources, not FieldOne as we do not know your specific environment and unfortunately we cannot help you on this.
This short video is designed to quickly walk you through the process of configuring Port Forwarding on your router.