FieldOne Video Tutorials: Terra

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Service Call Workflow

Orange video playThis tutorial shows the entire workflow for a Service Call, from the initial client call through the recording, scheduling, posting, invoicing and payments associated with a service call. [50:09]

Schedule Board

Orange video playHow to schedule a call, and all actions associated with the Schedule Board. [32:24]

Projects & Installations Workflow

Orange video playCovers the workflow of installation projects, including estimating, job costing, scheduling, purchasing, billing and everything in between. We start with basics and move on to more advanced features.

Purchase Order Workflow

Orange video playShows everything involved with Purchase Orders, including creating Purchase Orders, PO Receipts, and PO Bills. A companion tutorial to the "Processing Parts" tutorial (below).

Processing Parts

Orange video playShows how to process parts that were recorded in the Estimates or Purchase Requisitions section.

Purchase Order Quotes

Orange video playSee how to create Purchase Order Quotes, maintain them, and process them. [14:25]

Employee Screen

Orange video playUnderstand how to create and administer all employee information, including multiple billing rates for individual employees. [17:05]

Purchase Requisition

Orange video playShows how to create and process Purchase Requisitions. [14:16]

Counter Sales screen

Orange video playIf you sell Parts/Services over the counter you'd want to watch this tutorial.

FieldOne Terra Mobile Setup & Installation

Orange video playThis short video is designed to quickly walk you through the process of setting up FieldOne Terra on your mobile device. [2:32]

FieldOne Terra Mobile Work Flow

Orange video playThis tutorial walks you through Terra Mobile work flow from start to finish. [10:47]

FieldOne Reports (Adding a logo)

Orange video playLearn how to add a custom logo to FieldOne reports. [17:59]

Tax Codes and Tax Groups

Orange video playUnderstand working with Tax Codes and Tax Groups. [7:11]

How to Create a New Company File

Orange video playThis five minute tutorial will show you how to create a new Company File. [4:08]

Screen and field customization

Orange video playScreen and field customization to control which fields you see - and in what order - according to your requirements.

Rich Text word processor

Orange video playGetting to know the newly designed Rich Text word processor, with a more familiar interface. [2:31]

Instant city and state auto-population

Orange video playWatch how to utilize instant city and state auto-population, according to zip code. [2:13]

Color-coded scheduling sub-statuses

Orange video playWatch to learn how to use color-coded scheduling sub-statuses. [6:28]

Scheduling Conflict Notifications

Orange video playThis tutorial explains how to use scheduling conflict notifications. [3:02]

Fidelity Payment Services Integration

Orange video playFidelity Payment Services integration for quicker and better credit card processing in the USA and Canada. [4:16]

Custom fields in Work Order and Estimate Items

Orange video playLearn how to create new custom fields in Work Order and Estimate items. [4:49]